Electrical Box


Clear Front Electrical Box Cover designed for  a direct replacement of stock Yamaha E-box cover. Made from durable poly-material that has been tested to be resistant to high impact.  The clear cover enables an easy visual of possible electrical faults and water leakage, which will save you time and money in identifying future issues with the operation of your Jet Ski.

The centre piece, attaching to the clear face, is made of black nylon. This is light weight, cost effective and flexible which ultimately improves the waterproof seal of the e-box. The complete e-box is held together with steel nuts and bolts to eliminate stripping screws.

Clear Front Cover: $220.00
includes stainless steal hardware
not including yamaha gasket or silicone


Nylon Electrical Box Back Plate

The construction of nylon will void corrosion inside and out. Nor will ever corrode to the mounting bolts. Designed to be fitted with OEM front or NPP Clear Front. Additionally the nylon is lighter weight compared to the stock aluminium. All threads have brass inserts.

Back Plate: $240  


Electrical Box Set Total: $440

Contact us today to order your E-box set

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